Position Report Overview

The position report provides an easy way to see the candidates associated with the position and where they’re at in the process.  The report table is broken down into 5 categories: Active Interviews, Prospective, Presented, On Hold and Passed.  Candidates are automatically added to the report table when they’re submitted to the client.  If the candidate moves to the interview stage, they’ll automatically move from Presented to Active Interviews and once they’re removed from the hot sheet, they’ll be automatically moved to Passed.

The first column contains the candidate’s name and this is automatically hyperlinked to their LinkedIn profile URL, if available.  The second column is the candidate’s job title as found in your ATS and the third column is the candidate’s current company as it is in your ATS.  The final column, blank in the example above, is where you can add notes about the candidate.

Edit Report Table

At any point, all of the information contained in the table automatically can be edited by clicking on the Edit Report Table button.  This will open the Edit Report Table modal, as shown in the figure below.  From here, all candidates in Active Interviews, Presented or Passed can all be modified and/or moved to Prospective or On Hold, as pointed out in the figure.  Please note that any information changed here, outside of Report Notes, could get overwritten if additional interview activity takes place on that candidate.

Update Information

In the event that an older position doesn’t have all of the information on each candidate, the Update Information button can be used to pull the missing information straight from your ATS.

When you click on the Update Information button you will see an alert like the one in the figure to the right.  This alert will tell you that the process has started and it will change to a prompt that requires you to click OK when it has completed.

When the update from your ATS has completed, you will be presented with a confirmation prompt like the one in the figure to the left.  This prompt will tell you how many candidates were updated.

When you click OK the page will reload and the updated information will be displayed within the table.

See the before and after examples below to see what the Update Information button does to the table.



As you can see in the before and after above, the Update Information button quickly gives you all of the information for a completed report table, including the candidate’s LinkedIn profile URL, if available.