Adding User Goals

This KB article will outline the process of adding user goals. The process for users with no previous data in HA works a bit differently than for current HA users who have historical data to work from.

Setting Goals for a New User

For new users, there are a few options for getting started. You can use the “Copy from Another User” button, as pointed out in red in the figure below, to generate the goals for the current user based on those set for another user. You can also enter the goals manually by entering a billing goal and then completing the individual goals manually.

Copy Goals from Another User

Clicking the Copy Goals from Another User button will open the modal shown in the figure to the right. Simply choose the user, select the corresponding year and then click Save. This will populate the current user’s goals form with the goals for the selected user.

Calculating Goals with the Goals Configuration Option

The recommended way of generating goals for new users, if you have past data, is to let HA calculate the goals for you. To do this, select an option from the Goals Configuration dropdown. If you have 3 or more years worth of data in HA, we recommend using Last 3 Calendar Years. Otherwise, choose Last 2 or the Previous Calendar Year. Then, enter a billing goal and click on the Calculate Goals button, as shown in the figure below.