Hot Sheet Report – Remove Candidate

This article explains how to remove a candidate from the Hot Sheet Report.  Depending upon your configuration, this option may only be available to admin users.  

To remove a candidate, click the Remove Candidate button next to any row for that particular candidate on a specific position.  This will expand the “Remove Candidate” element to show a toggle switch for both completing the interview process, which is ON by default, and a toggle switch for moving the candidate out of the process (OFF by default).

For tenants with an API, this process will also remove the candidate from the process in your ATS pipeline.  Admins can configure emails that are sent out to the candidates based on the Out-of-Process Reason selected, as shown in the figure below.  In the event that splits exist on the candidate, a dropdown will appear asking which user the email should be sent from, as pointed out in the figure below.

In addition, to make the process quicker, users with access to this feature will see a Notes column, pointed out in the figure below. Clicking into this column will allow the admin to enter a quick note that will be saved to the interview record in HA. This enables going through the hot sheet in a meeting to be quicker and the candidate can be removed later. When you click out of the column or hit Enter on your keyboard the note is automatically saved.

When you click the Save Changes button, a prompt will appear that will allow you to cancel removing the candidate in case a mistake has been made.

Clicking OK will remove the candidate and clicking Cancel will return you back to the hot sheet.