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My Dashboard by hireanalytiX

Personal Analytics at a Glance

hireanalytiX introduces “My Dashboard” – a cutting-edge analytical feature centered around individuals, enabling users to harness and navigate through their unique performance insights. This space not only captures your journey but transforms raw data into meaningful, actionable insights. Whether you’re tracking your achievements, analyzing growth, or planning your next milestone, the dashboard serves as your personal companion.


Monitor and Analyze Your Management Metrics

  • Ratios Comparison

    Measure & Refine

    Dive deep into configurable ratio comparisons to analyze the percentage changes in your performance, discerning the positive shifts from the not-so-favorable ones. Gauge your current stride against the previous year and identify areas for improvement.

  • Goals vs. Achievements

    Visualizing Ambitions

    Through an intuitive chart, witness your journey towards goal realization. The monthly or quarterly breakdowns for the current year offer a concise view, allowing users to ascertain how they are stacking up against their set targets.

  • Tracing Growth

    Year Over Year Comparison

    Benefit from dynamic charts showcasing month-to-month performance on selected metrics or activities, juxtaposing the current year against the preceding one. What’s more? Flexibly adjust the chart to analyze any chosen year, drawing deeper comparisons.

  • Billing-Sales by Company

    Recognizing Business Sources

    Identify your primary sources of business through a curated chart that ranks companies based on gross sales, from the highest to the lowest. This lens helps users understand and prioritize their corporate affiliations.

  • Personal Bests

    Celebrating Your Achievements

    Celebrate your crowning moments with the “Personal Bests” feature. Whether it’s your largest placement, monthly placements, or billing/cash-in milestones, this section keeps track, motivating you to continuously outperform yourself.

  • Private User Data

    Confidential & Accessible

    Your private, sensitive information, including commission statements and employee documents, is secure yet conveniently accessible for both the user and their manager, ensuring transparency while maintaining confidentiality.

  • User Comparison

    Drawing Parallel Lines

    This feature goes beyond self-reflection. Compare your performance trajectory with any other user, visualizing similarities and differences on all metrics. Want to see how two rookies fared in their first year? Draw that comparison seamlessly.


Uncover the Nuances of Your Client Companies

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Unleash the full potential of data-driven recruitment and business insights. Whether you have queries, need a demo, or just want to discuss the future of recruitment analytics, we’re here to help.

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