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Harness Your Competitive Spirit

In the fast-paced world of recruitment, having a sense of your standing amongst peers can be both motivating and enlightening. The Recruiters Leaderboard is designed to foster healthy competition, letting you monitor your performance and inspire you to reach greater heights. Here’s how you can engage in a friendly rivalry and perhaps learn a trick or two from the top performers.


Compete, Compare, and Celebrate Your Achievements

  • Billing Leaderboard

    Your Financial Scoreboard

    Stay in the know with the latest updates on your financial accomplishments. The Billing Leaderboard helps you:

    • Spot Your Position: Understand where you stand compared to others in your firm, offering a comprehensive view of individual financial performance.
    • Historical Data Analysis: Dive deep into past records, scrutinizing data from previous months and years to track performance trends.
    • Incentive Trip Tracker: Keep an eye on your progress towards earning the exciting company incentive trips, adding a thrilling aspect to your performance goals.
  • Activities Leaderboard

    A Hub of Dynamic Engagement

    Foster a sense of community and competition with the Activities Leaderboard, where you can:

    • Stack Up Your Efforts: Compare your various activities with those of your colleagues, keeping you motivated and aware of office dynamics.
    • Year-To-Date Metrics: A platform to analyze your performance metrics in comparison with your peers, encouraging personal growth and excellence.
    • Monthly Refresh: Enjoy a fresh start each month, where the slate is wiped clean, paving the way for friendly monthly competitions and new opportunities to shine.
  • Record Holders

    Aiming for the Pinnacle

    A feature that fosters ambition and aspiration, the Record Holders section enables you to:

    • Spot the Champions: Identify the individuals who have set benchmarks in billing and revenue, inspiring you to aim for those heights.
    • Path to Glory: Discover what it takes to become a record holder, setting clear and tangible targets for you to aspire towards.


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