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Leaderboards by hireanalytiX

Empowering Excellence Through Competition

hireanalytiX brings to the forefront a robust leaderboard system designed not only to highlight achievements but also to inspire continual growth. These leaderboards cultivate a competitive spirit, drive team engagement, and provide a transparent measure of individual and collective performance. Immerse your team in a world where excellence is not just acknowledged but celebrated.


Celebrate Top Performers and Encourage Growth

  • Billing Leaderboard

    Visualize Revenue Realization

    Discover the financial health of your recruitment firm in real-time with the Billing Leaderboard. Gain insights into the performance of the entire team, the office, and individual recruiters. Delve deeper to scrutinize individual user billing and cash-in (receivables) details, ensuring complete transparency. For those looking to add a bit of playful rivalry, our optional “President’s Club” leaderboard fosters a friendly, competitive environment.

  • Activities Leaderboard 

    Understand Effort Dynamics

    A successful recruitment process doesn’t merely depend on the result but on the activities leading up to it. The Activities Leaderboard presents a clear view of the myriad activities fueling sales and placements. Customize the board to encompass all tracked activities, ensuring it perfectly mirrors your firm’s unique workflow. Spice things up with our optional “Employee of the Month” feature, where points earned on the leaderboard decide the standout performer.

  • Record Holders

    Celebrating Milestones & Achievements

    With every deal closed and placement secured, history is written. The Record Holders board cherishes these milestones by keeping a vigilant record of the office’s monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales records. Moreover, it’s not just about the collective; individual production records stand testament to the diligence and tenacity of your recruiters, reminding them of their past triumphs and future potential.


Uncover the Nuances of Your Client Companies

With hireanalytiX, dive beyond the surface metrics and truly understand each company you’ve collaborated with. Harness our platform to gain insights into company-specific trends, preferences, and more…


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hireanalytiX brings to the forefront a robust leaderboard system designed not only to highlight achievements but also to ...

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