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My Dashboard for Recruiters

Your Personal Analytics Hub

Embark on a data-driven journey to self-improvement with My Dashboard, a space meticulously crafted to offer insights into your personal performance. Here, you can seamlessly compare your production metrics year-over-year and track your progress in real-time.


Unveiling Insights into Your Recruiting Metrics

  • Ratios Comparison

    Analytical Insights to Propel Success

    My Dashboard allows you to closely monitor and evaluate your performance through:

    • Performance Appraisal: Delve deep into your performance metrics and understand the nuances of the changes in your ratios.
    • Change Indicator: A feature that not only highlights the percentage changes but also indicates whether the shift is positive or negative.
    • Yearly Analysis: Compare your current performance with past data to identify patterns and implement strategies for growth.
  • Goals vs Achievements

    Your Roadmap to Success

    Setting goals and tracking them is simplified, with features that allow you to:

    • Goal Tracking: Effortlessly monitor your performance against the set objectives, fostering a culture of continual improvement.
    • Visual Insights: Utilize easy-to-read charts that offer a snapshot of your monthly or quarterly performance, assisting in quick analysis and planning.
  • Year Comparison

    Historical Analysis at Your Fingertips

    Take advantage of dynamic charts that enhance your ability to analyze performance data by:

    • Comparative Analysis: Scrutinize your month-to-month performance on various activities or metrics, offering a clear picture of your growth trajectory.
    • Flexible Time Frame: Tailor the chart to compare data across different years, providing a broader perspective on your performance trends.
  • Billing and Sales by Company

    A Glimpse Into Your Business Landscape

    Gain a strategic advantage by identifying where your business is thriving with features such as:

    • Business Insights: Utilize data to identify which companies are contributing significantly to your gross sales.
    • Company Ranking: A comprehensive listing of companies based on gross sales, offering insights into your highest to lowest contributors.
  • Personal Bests

    Celebrating Your Milestones

    Keep track of your crowning achievements and set new benchmarks with:

    • Performance Tracker: This feature meticulously tracks your best performances on various metrics or activities.
    • Recognition of Excellence: Acknowledge and celebrate your notable achievements including largest placements and exceptional monthly billings.
  • Private User Data

    Safeguarding Your Sensitive Information

    A secure zone where you can access:

    • Confidential Data: Access sensitive data including your commission statements and employee documents, maintained with the highest standards of confidentiality.
  • User Comparison

    Peer Analysis for Enhanced Strategy

    Harness the power of comparison to elevate your strategies by:

    • In-depth Comparison: Analyze and compare performance metrics across different user types, fostering a healthy competitive environment.
    • Historical Comparison: Get a historical perspective by comparing individual performances across different years, offering rich insights into growth patterns and potential strategies.


Uncover the Nuances of Your Client Companies

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My Dashboard

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