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Data-Driven Decisions with hireanalytiX

Powerful Reports to
Illuminate Your Path Forward

In today’s fast-paced recruitment industry, the power to make informed decisions lies in the strength of your insights. With hireanalytiX's Reports feature, dive deep into comprehensive data, ensuring you’re always a step ahead and primed for success.


In-depth Reporting for Informed Management Choices

  • Hot Sheet Report

    A Weekly Deep Dive

    Unearth the nuances of weekly performance:

    • Gain a holistic view of week-over-week performance across various metrics.
    • Stay updated with placements from the previous week.
    • Identify bottlenecks like job orders exceeding 30 days without interviews or those awaiting client resumes.
    • For each recruiter, a tailored report reveals finer details on active candidates, complete with customizable interview types.
  • Invoices Report Financial

    Clarity at Your Fingertips

    Manage your finances seamlessly:

    • List all pending invoices in chronological order, focusing on the oldest first.
    • Enable managers to act quickly–view invoices, mark as dispatched, and log payments.
    • Review the status of invoices–confirmed by users, sent, and overdue.
  • Comparison Report

    Historical Insight for Future Growth

    • Reflect on past performance to strategize for the future:
    • Compare month-to-month performance across chosen years on essential metrics: billing, cash-ins, job orders, and send-outs.
  • Activity Reports

    Deep Insights into Every Move

    Monitor and measure every step:

    • Track individual activities of all team members, from phone calls and messaging to customized metrics.
    • Dive into user trends, reviewing performance across extended periods, even up to a decade. Swiftly identify and support any underperforming team members.


Uncover the Nuances of Your Client Companies

With hireanalytiX, dive beyond the surface metrics and truly understand each company you’ve collaborated with. Harness our platform to gain insights into company-specific trends, preferences, and more…


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Unleash the full potential of data-driven recruitment and business insights. Whether you have queries, need a demo, or just want to discuss the future of recruitment analytics, we’re here to help.

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