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Navigate through the world of recruitment with our dynamic report features. Designed with precision and clarity, the Reports section brings you a set of analytical tools that are instrumental in optimizing your strategies and tracking performance meticulously. Let’s dive into what’s on offer:


Comprehensive Reporting for Informed Decision-Making

  • Hot Sheet Report

    Your Weekly Performance Overview

    The Hot Sheet Report stands as a highlight of the hireanalytiX suite, offering a range of benefits including:

    • Weekly Analysis: Gain a comprehensive overview of your week-over-week performance through configured metrics.
    • Active Interviews & Open Positions: A quick glance to review all your active interviews and job orders, facilitating easy tracking and management.
    • Placement Highlights: A spotlight section that features your achievements, showcasing any placements made in the previous week.
    • Job Order Insights: Utilize the hot sheet to understand the dynamics of open positions, with an option to add notes, streamlining your workflow and communication.
  • Placement Report

    A Deep Dive into Your Placements

    Enhance your placement strategies with detailed insights from the Placement Report:

    • Comprehensive Overview: Review all your placements within a selected timeframe, accompanied by a well-articulated summary.
    • Financial Insights: Get an in-depth view of perm and contract fees, along with data on average salaries and bill rates, aiding in strategic planning.
    • Detailed Placement Analysis: Swiftly access specific details about each placement, from the number of send outs to the time taken to present the first resume, facilitating refined strategies for future placements.
  • Activity Reports

    Tracking Your Daily Endeavors

    Stay ahead in the game by continuously monitoring your daily activities, including:

    • Daily Activity Tracker: Maintain a tab on your daily engagements, including phone time and SMS activities, promoting efficiency and organization.
    • Trend Analysis: Utilize this feature to analyze your activity trends over an extended period, helping to identify patterns and areas for improvement.
  • Job Order Reports

    Insights into Your Job Positions

    Harness the power of data with job order reports that provide:

    • Position Analysis: Gain an insight into the positions you have worked on, aiding in developing a nuanced approach to job orders.
    • Aging Report: Utilize the aging report to understand the performance of your positions and identify those that have been open for an extended period, fostering timely interventions and strategies.


Uncover the Nuances of Your Client Companies

With hireanalytiX, dive beyond the surface metrics and truly understand each company you’ve collaborated with. Harness our platform to gain insights into company-specific trends, preferences, and more…


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