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At the crux of recruitment lies a pivotal element – Positions. In the dynamic arena of recruitment, having swift and comprehensive access to position data is vital. The “Positions” section of hireanalytiX serves as a robust tool that empowers you to visualize, analyze, and manage position data seamlessly, making sure that you are always a step ahead in your recruitment journey. Let’s delve into the features that make this section a recruiter’s powerhouse:


Delve into Details, Track, and Analyze Every Job Role

  • Dynamic Position Overview

    Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

    Step into a realm where information is dynamic, and insights are rich. Here, you can:

    • Monthly & Yearly Views: Quickly filter and view positions for the current month, a selected month, or even span it across the year, giving you a panoramic view of your recruitment landscape.
    • Candidate Review Metrics: Go beyond the surface with insights into the number of candidates being reviewed for each position, facilitating a streamlined recruitment process.
    • Resume Analysis: Get detailed information on the total number of resumes forwarded to clients and assess the promptness of your responses, fostering efficient and timely client interactions.
  • Position Intelligence Report

    Transparency that Enhances Client Relations

    The Position Intelligence Report stands as a hallmark of transparency and efficiency, offering features like:

    • Progress Updates: An intuitive tool that allows you to keep your clients informed about the progress of active job orders or positions, building a foundation of trust and cooperation.
    • Insightful Analytics: Delve deep into the analytics of each position, offering your clients a window into the meticulous efforts and strategies fueling the recruitment process.


Uncover the Nuances of Your Client Companies

With hireanalytiX, dive beyond the surface metrics and truly understand each company you’ve collaborated with. Harness our platform to gain insights into company-specific trends, preferences, and more…


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